Bhutan: The Last Shangril La

Ever desired to be on the top of the world? Pack your bag and head straight to this land. Known as the “last place on the roof of the world” or the “last Shangri La,” Bhutan is a majestic land with the most peaceful monasteries, mighty fortresses (or dzongs) and stunning landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys.

Give no second thought. Block the dates from 22nd Nov to 29th Nov, 2017 (8 Days, 7 Nights).

Tour Package includes:

2 Nights in Phuentsholing
1 Night in Thimpu
2 Nights Punakha
2 Nights Paro

Call: 7758009430

Cost: 28,499/- (Includes all taxes)

Why you should visit this beauty?

  • The only country to measure GNH or Gross National Happiness as an indicator of its prosperity
  • The only place which has preserved it’s centuries old traditions and values, the environment, legacy and the future, supported by its government
  • A country where rice is red and chillies aren’t just a seasoning but the most important ingredient. Their national dish, Ema Datshi, is a fiery blend of green chillies smothered in cheese
  • The land where Buddhism is so deeply preserved that it will leave your soul with utmost peace
  • Awe-inspiring mountain passes- dazzling with rhododendrons in spring
  • Rich flora & fauna housing unique mammals and colourful birds – protected in several national parks
  • The amount includes accommodation, food, transport and an official guide.
    Indian nationals do not need a visa and licensed tour guide to explore Bhutan.

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    Tiger’s Nest Monastery
    Black neck cranes in Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan
    Phobjikha Valley



The Secret Behind The Great Indian Myths

Superstitions may sound nonsensical but try to crack a few and you shall know how thoughtful some of them really are!

Here are some interesting Indian myths and what they actually mean.

1) Calling husband by their name reduces their age.

Image result for old wives tales alicia souzaTimes have changed. Spouses now a days treat each other like best of buddies and calling each other by names has become very common.  Earlier, women were married to men older to them. Calling out husband by their name was regarded as disrespect as it would then be considered as she is lowering his status by treating him as someone younger to her. Thus, lowering his age.

2) Menstruating women are not allowed to touch the pickle.
Most of the women experience uncomfortable bloating while menstruating. Consuming pickles worsens the condition. Thus, the advise.

3) Crossing over someone, especially, while they are sleeping or lying down stunts their growth

Do you know there is something called HGH? Human growth hormone or HGH which is good for one’s growth is released by brain during sleep. Crossing over a person may disturb the process. Thus, the myth.

4) Viewing yourself in a broken mirror brings bad luck

Our reflection makes us happy. Broken mirror reflects broken image of us, which is most likely to put off our mood. You don’t want to see yourself as a broken person, do you? Thus, the myth to save your self-esteem.

5) A lizard or bird dropping falling on head is considered as a good omen

Image result for old wives tales alicia souzaI’m pretty sure this one was created save the victim from being shamed.

6) Sweeping during dark causes monetary loss

Logically, during those days there was no electricity. Hence, it likely to lose valuables if one swept in the dark. Hence, the sweeping lessons.

7) Resting under a peepal tree at night can call ghost

At night, peepal tree releases loads of carbon dioxide. This suffocates the person sleeping under it, thus, making him feel like a heavy weight is placed on his chest. This is spooked as a ghost may come and sit on your chest.

8) Playing with scissors, opening and closing them without actually using them causes fight in the house

This myth is made up for all right reasons it seems!

9) Eating directly from the vessel you cook will cause rain on your wedding day

Raining in Hindu languages is associated with anger. People will not be happy on seeing a bride eating from vessel as a matter of habit. Thus, the funny myth to get one rid of the habit.

10) If you ask “where are you going?” while someone is leaving the house, their purpose will not be fulfilled

Logically, this myth is only to stop people from intruding others.

11) Eating yogurt before exams brings good luck.

Image result for old wives tales alicia souzaYogurt helps reduce stress and anxiety. This myth is just to save yourself from explaining “how” to your child.

Image result for old wives tales alicia souza

Broom indicates cleaning. No one wants to be reminded that they have to clean house first thing in the morning. Thus, the myth to save your mood.

Image result for old wives tales alicia souzaProbably, to save a teenager from being ashamed.

14) Ever wondered where did you side curves go? (If you ever had one)

15) And this one is just for fun!

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Illustration: Alicia Souza

Ooty: The Queen of Hills Station

Talk about honeymooning and Ooty is definitely a place every Indian will suggest. Crowned with clouds, this chilled hills station has everything that sets up mood. Be it the climate, beautiful landscapes or the historical sites which are major tourist attractions. Named Udhagamandalam and popularly known as Ooty, this tourist destination is located in the heart of Nilgiri district in Tamil Nadu. It marks the meeting point of the two mountain ranges in the Western Ghats zone. Coffee and tea plantations and trees like Conifers, Eucalyptus, Pine and Wattle dot the hill side.

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Ooty is regarded as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’. Centuries ago the place was known as Oththai-Kal (single stone) Mandu (Mund is a name of Toda Village). Britishers called it Ootacamund. Ooty was originally occupied by the Todas until the 18th century, after which it came under the rule of the East India Company. The tourism and agriculture, along with manufacture of medicines and photographic film speak about its economy

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The ideal holiday destination is located 80 km north of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It is well connected to the rest of India by road and rail. Coonoor is 19 km, whereas, Kothagiri is 31 km away. Whether you are planning for a short vacation with your family or wanting to spend a much needed time with your special someone, this is the ultimate destination you must visit.

Hotel Sapphire Paradise

Hotel Sapphire Paradise is what every traveller desires. Keeping this in mind, guests are offered relaxing stays surrounded by the beauty of the Ooty hills station. Located on the Ettines Road near Rose Garden, the 2 star property is easily reachable via public transport. It also offers pick and drop facility. If you are planning to come in a private vehicle, then parking facilities are available free of cost.

Image result for ooty toy train images

Hotel Sapphire Paradise makes any average day special. Spread over three floors, it offers 45 double and single well-designed rooms to choose from. Their 24-hour assistance ensures you have the most memorable stay. The rooms offer utmost comfort to take all the stress away. Watch some entertaining channels or walk into the balcony to breathe some fresh air. Phone, safety locker, newspaper and daily housekeeping are other facilities you can avail.

The hotel has been offering excellent service ever since its inception in the year 1988. It was renovated in 2014 to enhance the stays and offer better service. The hotel also has an in-house restaurant which serves a variety of food, snacks and beverages to suit everyone’s taste buds. The hotel staff is friendly and always on toes to provide any sort of help. The lush green lawn and gardens around the hotel add to the overall magical experience the hotel has to offer. All this comes in a reasonable budget. Spend a week or two with your loved ones and experience yourself.

Hotel Sapphire Paradise is situated on Church Hill Lane, close to the Union Church. The hotel is about 90 km from the Coimbatore Domestic Airport, 1 km from Ooty Railway Station, and bus stop is just 100 metres away. Another nearest railway station to the hotel is Lovedale which is located at a distance of 2 km. The toy train runs from Ooty to Mettupalayam, which is the closest broad-gauge railway station at the foot of the Nilgiris. The hotel is situated just 2 km from upper Bhavani Lake and 1 km from Ooty Botanical Gardens.

Aishwarya turned Cannes 2017 into a Fairy-tale Affair!

French Riviera turned into a fairyland as former beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan cast a spell in magnificent Michael Cinco ball gown. Flaunting herself in a splendid couture from Impalpable Dream of Versailles Collection, the flamboyant actress graced the occasion with her opulent presence.

The second day of 70th Annual Cannes Festival witnessed Aishwarya dazzling like Disney Princess Elsa in a marvelous powder blue dress. The off-shoulder neckline plunged by her upper arms and drew between her bosom giving a peek of her elegant cleavage. The dress clung perfectly to her waist, flowing out into a ballroom gown. The actress stole million hearts with every flash. With minimal accessories and subtle makeup, she pouted and twirled on the red carpet while proving that inner beauty has nothing to do with age.

The Dubai-based Filipino designer gushed about her stunning appearance by sharing a pic on Instagram, captioned as “looks like a fairy-tale princess”. The actress made her presence as an ambassador of L’Oreal Paris.


paragi manjrekar_cannes 2017_aishwarya_rai_michael_cinco ball gown india.jpg

paragi manjrekar_cannes 2017_aishwarya_rai_michael_cinco ball gown.jpg