Travelling Guide for Single Women Travellers

Travel like a free bird.

single woman traveller guide


1.     Choose safe places to travel.
2.     Do a little research before you select one.
3.     Make a list of destinations you want to visit there.
4.     Make a list of hotels and restaurants in your budget.
5.     Carry a bag as small as possible with a bottle of water.
6.     Pack only needful and comfortable clothes.
7.     Must carry – headache, fever, cold, diarrhea and personal medicines if any.  At least – bandage and antiseptic cream.
8.     Whether you need or not – carry a sanitary napkin.
9.     Handkerchief, body spray and wet tissues.
10.   Pepper spray and Emergency Helpline Number.
11.    Keep yourself updated with the local news for safety.

{A good plan is 100% foolproof than relying on internet connections.}

Traveling makes one better. So, fly.

Travel Quotes:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
St. Augustine