Embracing The Real You

Ever tried appreciating your body standing in front of a mirror with no clothes on?
Try it. Just ‘appreciate’. Do it often. It makes you beautiful.

Everyone of us is born naked. There is no wrong in it. It’s a fact. Thus, when one chooses to live without clothes, there is no point in calling it shameless.

Nudity is all about how you see it. All of us have grown up clothed. We are used to watching other people in clothes. It is obvious for us to behave prude if we find anyone naked in public. The belief that wearing no clothes is a shameless activity has settled into our mind for years. Thus, making us hard to accept it publicly.

Nudity is normal. Many tribes across the world live naked or hide only their private parts. Observe them closely. They respect each others bodies nonetheless of what their body color or shape is. Isn’t that great? Today, if we find a girl in crop top flaunting her bulgy tummy out, many of us would consider it awful.

Live in real world. By real world I mean live accepting the truth. Embrace the real you – Love your naked self as much as you love yourself clothed.

Nude Quote:
“The nude alone is well dressed.”
Auguste Rodin

* P.S. This is just a belief. Personally, neither do I have guts nor do I plan to go naked without seclusion. This piece of article is not targeted to hurt anyone’s sentiments in anyway. No offense.

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