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A quick guide on how to fry Indian Makarel.


Marinade pieces of 6 Indian Makarels with lemon jiuce, pinch of turmeric, paste of 8 garlic cloves, half spoon of salt and chilly powder as per taste for about 20 mins. Dip the pieces in 3-4 tbsp of Sooji (Bombay Rava) before placing on a skillet. Shallow fry until each sides of the fish turns brown.

Serve it with salad and choice of dips.

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That’s me!

I am not very fond of seafood. So I hadn’t bother to learn how to cook it all these years. Now that this thought bothers me, I have taken it seriously.

P.S. Whenever I decide to give up on sea food, this is the fish my parents get to chhoomantar away my thoughts!