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The Secret Behind The Great Indian Myths

Superstitions may sound nonsensical but try to crack a few and you shall know how thoughtful some of them really are!

Here are some interesting Indian myths and what they actually mean.

1) Calling husband by their name reduces their age.

Image result for old wives tales alicia souzaTimes have changed. Spouses now a days treat each other like best of buddies and calling each other by names has become very common.  Earlier, women were married to men older to them. Calling out husband by their name was regarded as disrespect as it would then be considered as she is lowering his status by treating him as someone younger to her. Thus, lowering his age.

2) Menstruating women are not allowed to touch the pickle.
Most of the women experience uncomfortable bloating while menstruating. Consuming pickles worsens the condition. Thus, the advise.

3) Crossing over someone, especially, while they are sleeping or lying down stunts their growth

Do you know there is something called HGH? Human growth hormone or HGH which is good for one’s growth is released by brain during sleep. Crossing over a person may disturb the process. Thus, the myth.

4) Viewing yourself in a broken mirror brings bad luck

Our reflection makes us happy. Broken mirror reflects broken image of us, which is most likely to put off our mood. You don’t want to see yourself as a broken person, do you? Thus, the myth to save your self-esteem.

5) A lizard or bird dropping falling on head is considered as a good omen

Image result for old wives tales alicia souzaI’m pretty sure this one was created save the victim from being shamed.

6) Sweeping during dark causes monetary loss

Logically, during those days there was no electricity. Hence, it likely to lose valuables if one swept in the dark. Hence, the sweeping lessons.

7) Resting under a peepal tree at night can call ghost

At night, peepal tree releases loads of carbon dioxide. This suffocates the person sleeping under it, thus, making him feel like a heavy weight is placed on his chest. This is spooked as a ghost may come and sit on your chest.

8) Playing with scissors, opening and closing them without actually using them causes fight in the house

This myth is made up for all right reasons it seems!

9) Eating directly from the vessel you cook will cause rain on your wedding day

Raining in Hindu languages is associated with anger. People will not be happy on seeing a bride eating from vessel as a matter of habit. Thus, the funny myth to get one rid of the habit.

10) If you ask “where are you going?” while someone is leaving the house, their purpose will not be fulfilled

Logically, this myth is only to stop people from intruding others.

11) Eating yogurt before exams brings good luck.

Image result for old wives tales alicia souzaYogurt helps reduce stress and anxiety. This myth is just to save yourself from explaining “how” to your child.

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Broom indicates cleaning. No one wants to be reminded that they have to clean house first thing in the morning. Thus, the myth to save your mood.

Image result for old wives tales alicia souzaProbably, to save a teenager from being ashamed.

14) Ever wondered where did you side curves go? (If you ever had one)

15) And this one is just for fun!

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Illustration: Alicia Souza