Follow Your Instinct

Your inner voice is your most conscious self. It’s your power. Respect it.

It’s natural. You are born with it. It’s your soul’s guiding light.

Pay attention to it. Your instinct knows you well.

Follow it.



Instinct Quotes:
“There’s a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”
– Rumi

The Menstruating Goddess of India

India is an incredible country with unbelievable culture formed in the name of religion. A country, where women are still forbidden from visiting religious places; and if not, then strictly disallowed to enter while they are menstruating. However, the same country surprises when it come to Ma Kamakhya Temple.

Nestled atop the Nilachal Hill, West of Guwahati in Assam, Goddess Kamakhya Devi is believed to be ex-wife of Lord Shiva. It is said that she had committed suicide after not being able to bear her father’s insult when her husband refused to attend his great yagna. Lord Shiva who became furious on the incident performed the ‘dance of destruction’ for calming down who Lord Vishnu cut his wife’s body into 108 pieces, now known as shakti peeths. Kamakhya Devi in Assam is where her womb fell, and hence worshiped.



Well, that’s not all. A fertility festival is celebrated in the name of Goddess called Ambuwasi Puja believing Her to be going through her yearly menstrual cycle. For three days the temple remains shut and is opened on the auspicious day 4. River Brahmaputra is said to be flowing in red during this time with blood. Though it is true or contaminated with vermilion from the temple is yet to be known.

Image source:

Despite worshiping the goddess for menstruating and celebrating her fertility, India is still remains the country where talking about periods openly is considered taboo.


Religious Quotes:

“Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy – the mad daughter of a wise mother. These daughters have too long dominated the earth.”
– Voltaire




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Business Quote:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
~ Zig Zaglar

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Embracing The Real You

Ever tried appreciating your body standing in front of a mirror with no clothes on?
Try it. Just ‘appreciate’. Do it often. It makes you beautiful.

Everyone of us is born naked. There is no wrong in it. It’s a fact. Thus, when one chooses to live without clothes, there is no point in calling it shameless.

Nudity is all about how you see it. All of us have grown up clothed. We are used to watching other people in clothes. It is obvious for us to behave prude if we find anyone naked in public. The belief that wearing no clothes is a shameless activity has settled into our mind for years. Thus, making us hard to accept it publicly.

Nudity is normal. Many tribes across the world live naked or hide only their private parts. Observe them closely. They respect each others bodies nonetheless of what their body color or shape is. Isn’t that great? Today, if we find a girl in crop top flaunting her bulgy tummy out, many of us would consider it awful.

Live in real world. By real world I mean live accepting the truth. Embrace the real you – Love your naked self as much as you love yourself clothed.

Nude Quote:
“The nude alone is well dressed.”
Auguste Rodin

* P.S. This is just a belief. Personally, neither do I have guts nor do I plan to go naked without seclusion. This piece of article is not targeted to hurt anyone’s sentiments in anyway. No offense.

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Business Quote:
“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”
– Peter Drucker


Owning A Cam Doesn’t Make One A Photographer

Ouch! Even though it’s crass we all agree with this line. But then, what is it that makes one a great photographer? Come, let’s learn it from a veteran wedding photographer Adrian McDonald who happened to capture a few pictures of children playing around his house.

Like any other day, Adrian was taking photos of nature in his courtyard when he heard chuckles coming from his neighbourhood. Captivated by the gleeful laughter, he went on to discover a couple of kids swinging, and playing with their toys. And there he got it — the most outstanding pictures he had ever captured in his life.

Adrian’s photos were not only loved across the globe but were also put up by the popular news blog, the Huffington Post. When asked about does he hope for before taking capturing an image, he said, “I hope the image warms the heart of those who see it.” Isn’t it amazing?

Take a look at these caught in the moment snaps showing innocent little kids enjoying the time of their childhood which cannot be missed as Adrian has already captured it: Jamaican Photographer Who Captured Childhood In Just A Few Clicks

Hope Quotes:

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.
~ Emily Dickinson

Why I still don’t find anything wrong in the ‪#‎VogueEmpower‬ Video

India’s popular fashion magazine Vogue India released a video in support of it’s campaign Women Empowerment. Bollywood’s top best actress Deepika Padukone was featured in the film along with 98 other women. The lyrics penned down by Kersi Khambatta were misinterpreted by audience as it failed to portray the women behind each thought. The video directed by Homi Adajania was severely criticized by the nation, and the actress who was once known for her smartness became a target of mockery overnight.

Take a look:

While many stood against the film due to its two controversial lines, this is how I viewed it and showed my support.

Line 1 ~ My choice; to have your baby or not
They heard Deepika Padukone’s voice. I heard these women:
– A married woman forced by her husband and family to have a kid.
– A rape victim not wanting to carry her rapist’s child in her womb.
– A forcefully married lesbian, impregnated by her husband.
To have a baby or not, ‪#‎TheirChoice‬.

– A young girl who got pregnant not because she and her beloved boyfriend were ignorant but because the condom accidentally broke. If she chooses to be a single mother inspite of the challenges that lie ahead of her, it’s ‪#‎HerChoice‬.

Motherhood is a very beautiful experience. The mother-infant bond is incredible. After delivering a baby, a woman not only changes mentally and emotionally but physically too. It’s not easy to be a mother. A woman goes through a lot of pain before and after having a baby. In the end, it’s all worth it.

If someone doesn’t want to experience this. Why judge them? Why force them? Why stop them from speaking for themselves?

Line 2 ~ To have sex outside marriage; to not have sex, my choice.
They heard Deepika’s voice. I heard these women:
– A married woman whose man disappeared after having kids to be a saint leaving her all alone without her consent, without divorce.
– A woman who married a gay man because she found a lifelong friend in him. (Remember Janet from film Fashion?)
– A woman in open marriage with her husband.

If these women choose to have sex outside marriage why shall we who believe in monogamy and fidelity judge, restrict and question them?

The ‪#‎VogueEmpower‬ video may have failed to portray whose thoughts it’s actually conveying; in the end it’s also how you see it.